After Seeing These Clever Moving Hacks, I Realize I’ve Been Moving The Hard Way My Whole Life

MOVING! Just the sound of that word can bring up a subtle clinch in the gut, as well as thoughts of wear and tear, losing items, barely making it out of the old home in time, and visits to the chiropractor later.

For most of us, this experience is probably unavoidable. But we have good news for you. Transitioning from house to house can be made much easier with just a little innovation.

In this video, YouTuber DaveHax shows you how to creatively minimize some of the challenges of moving. It amazes me how simple some of these tips are, how well they work, and why I never thought of them. Even if you’re the real estate agent helping someone sell their home, sharing these moving tips help you make a new friend or even a client for life!

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