Underneath This Hatch Door Lies the House of a Family of 6

Not to get all doom and gloom, but have you ever wondered what you’d do during a nuclear disaster, survive after a large asteroid impact, or heck, even hide during an occupation by a foreign country? Regardless, a common solution might be an underground bunker — one stocked with enough gear to survive for however long it takes the world above to sort itself out.

But can you imagine what it’d be like? Living inside some cramped, underground, stuffy, mold-infested shelter for weeks or months? Well, it turns out Atlas Survival Shelters imagined it and decided to create a remedy. They take fallout shelters to another level. Luxury.

These “underground houses” are accessed from a hidden entrance within your actual home. What you see below is a camouflaged escape hatch that provides an exit somewhere else.


These are the common blueprints for the bunker.



Here’s the design for a single family pod.


These are the casings used for the structures.


This is an inside look of the escape tunnel. The angle is 30 degrees to deflect gamma radiation.


It’s connected to comfortable family living quarters.


You’d never know if the world was falling apart and the world would never know you were watching endless reruns of Friends and Sex in the City.


A comfy and private bedroom for survivors to do their deed (to repopulate the earth of course).


There’s a bunk room with 4 beds.


Plenty of room for the whole family.


Each bunk bed has a smart storage area underneath.


Wait, does this mean it comes with a news anchor for surface updates?!


There’s a sizable kitchen you can cook your rations in.


Comes with a restaurant booth style dining arrangement.


Most importantly, each bunker is equipped with a fully functioning bathroom and washer/dryer unit.


Of course, what luxury bunker would be complete without a hidden storage space for the adult beverages?


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